YouShield, how it works

YouShield application is an early disease detection tool that allows users to get an instant preliminary health risks assessment with a few basic health parameters provided. No registration or personal information required.

YouShield analyzes both documented (lab test results, measurements, vital signs) and perceived (complaints and symptoms) data to protect users’ health by warning them about possible necessity of physician services.

Its core functionality - early detection of a disease through health risk assessment - is based on sophisticated medical models, which are developed by various specialists. We work together with physicians and highly qualified medical professionals, who provide their knowledge directly into the system using our own latest technical achievements. Our technology bridges doctors’ knowledge and customers’ experience for better healthcare outcomes and more patient engagement.

Based on personal health data stored in user's mobile device, intelligent algorithms of the medical models detect signs of developing disease before they become clearly visible. Medical models also evaluate the probability of a user having a disease to stimulate prevention measures if needed.

According to a user’s health risk evaluation results HealthShield mobile application can recommend necessary lab tests for more precise assessment. The more information a user provides the better results will the medical models show.

Each medical model pass thorough and rigorous verification process and is tested using retrospective non-personalized data. Medical models are also verified by collaborative experience and external specialists. This is an on-going process and we constantly test existing and new models with new medical data and different technological means.

Medical models cover main human dysfunctions that could be life-threatening and can be detected by tracking symptoms, vital signs and laboratory tests. For more information on medical models please, see the full list of currently available models below: