Unique tool for health self-assessment based on cutting- edge medical research data.


Automated tracking of your health status based on perceived symptoms and medical tests Cumulative analysis of data entered.


Early disease prevention action alert. Even more accurate with every additional lab test results entry.


Intuitive user interface, no specialized knowledge required, OCR text recognition feature for easy data entry, option to set reminders for new measurement entry.

YouShield™ is a health risk detection educational and patient–awareness raising tool developed for iOS and Android devices. It transforms the collaborative knowledge of many lead medical experts into the cutting-edge automated data–processing software application.
User-provided health data is collected, stored and processed solely on user's mobile device, in order to calculate the probability value for health problem occurrence and in case of need advise him/her to consult a physician for help and treatment.
The app might recommend users to pass specific lab tests for higher accuracy of the health risks assessment.
Developed with the commitment to human health protection, YouShield™ keeps its users aware, educated and healthy.

Please, check YouShield Tutorial for more information.

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Check your health


Risk Assessment

Free health status evaluation tool based on preset risk assessment models. Provides summary of health risks, based on your personal measurements and tests.

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Complaints manual input possibility.

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Easy symptom checker with intuitive interface for medical symptoms entry.

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Convenient tracking of medical measurements synced with Apple Health Kit. Possibility to enter own lab test results.

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Lab Results

Personalized recommendations to take lab tests, based on detected health risks and medical symptoms.

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Download and print your health risks assessment report and send it to your doctor.

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New generation symptom checker

The app has no intention to take any of the doctors’ roles and is not a source for a professional medical diagnosis and treatment. YouShield is created for educational and patient engagement purpose only. We aim to foster users’ sense of responsibility toward their own health. The YouShield app team and Sylex Technology company leadership are guided by the passion to make their know-how software applications working for happier future of humanity.

YouShield app combines symptom checker features with a health risk assessment tool. It evaluates the probability of specific disease occurrence and calculates BMI for general health condition assessment. YouShield application performs risk analysis using the data provided by the users.

Assessment accuracy is defined by the level of entered data completeness; however, the application is still able to perform assessment even when some parameters are missing Data, such as lab test results or measurements, may be entered manually, imported from Apple Health Kit or other applications and safely stored in user’s mobile phone.

Sylex Technologies closely cooperates with physicians as well as niche medical specialists, to channel their knowledge into the automated data processing. We use our state of art tools and mathematically proven algorithms to connect medical expertise with customers’ data for better results and increased patient awareness.

Frequent use of application and periodical check-ups reduce the possibility of unexpected health threats occurrence and we highly recommend showing YouShield reports to your physician whenever you feel the need to see him.

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